The astronomical observatory is a research and scientific institution at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. It is one the oldest observatories in Eastern Europe established in 1771. The main spheres of its activity are the exploration of the Sun, stars, interstellar environment, the galaxies and the Universe in general. One more important sphere of activity is laser telemetric, photometric and positional observation of the artificial satellites of the Earth basing on the programs estimating the parameters of rotation and the shape of the Earth as well as time and space security services, etc. The set of telescopes for such kind of observation can be found in the register of scientific objects that belong to the ones of national significance. The scientific staff of the observatory also take part in the academic process, conducting scientific and educational activities among students and those interested in astronomy. You can familiarize yourself with the structure of our observatory, operation of scientific departments, its history, scientific workshops, excursions and the novelties in the sphere of astronomy on our Website.